Saturday, August 25, 2007

Elizabethtown Fair

Last night Steve, Laura, Christian and I went to the Elizabethtown Fair. It was my first time there, even though I live within walking distance of it. It was your average Pennsylvania fair complete with funnel cake, Tilt-O-Whirls, and tractor shows. The grounds were packed with families and teenagers enjoying ice cream and Rockwell's famous Rhino fries, and children riding miniature trains and teacups. We walked around until we found a game with goldfish as prizes. We won three fish, two of which I bestowed upon Laura. After that we surveyed the rest of the fair and saw the stage where a jug band plays and then watched the local martial arts studio's best students exhibit their talents. After about an hour and way too many rhino fries, we decided the humidity was too much, and went home to shower.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I don't think two people could've been happier

Each time I watch "The Hours", I am struck by how heartbreakingly and unapologetically human it is. It is beautifully filmed and is filled with meaningful subtleties. It is both simple and complicated. Each of the three women struggle with depression, sexuality, and the parameters placed on being a woman in the time that they exist. Julianne Moore's character, Laura Brown, is especially endearing. The scene where her neighbor, Kitty, comes over to ask Laura to look after her dogs while she goes to the doctor always moves me. The dismissive look Kitty gives her before she leaves, after their full on the mouth kiss, is excruciatingly glossy and cruel. Some may see the kiss as a lesbian outburst in a June Cleaver world, but I think it shows Laura's desire to connect with another human being. She wants so much to be loved and touched and to make a mental connection with someone, that it transcends sexual desire.