Thursday, July 17, 2008

Theater is Dead

While scouring the internet for possible future travel destinations (a ritual I do far too often for my currently-barren income) I stumbled upon this little gem being performed in Toronto. That’s right … Evil Dead: The Musical. It’s like a dream come true. The campy (be sure to check out the video on their site's main page) musical adaptation of Sam Raimi’s cult movie has even made it’s way to California, with the disclaimer: “Evil Dead is NOT suitable for children. Contains 'inappropriate' language, fountains of blood, and nothing remotely educational.” And to accompany those hemorrhaging geysers is a special seating area named “The Splatter Zone” where the carnage covers the customer — a la Gallagher, except with brains instead of watermelons.

Oh, please, Philadelphia, grant me this one wish! Make Evil Dead: The Musical have a home in Philly. I’ll be your best friend?

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