Monday, September 17, 2007

I heart New York

Saturday was spent in New York City. We arrived at 10 am and trekked it to H & H Bagels. I had the most incredible everything bagel with chive cream cheese. There was nowhere to sit down and eat inside, so we took our breakfast riverside and sat in the rain enjoying the warm, crunchy yet chewey, deliciousness, and learned firsthand that they truly are "Like no other bagel in the world". After our breakfast the rain subsided and the skies opened up and made it the most beautiful day ever. We hopped a cab to 5th Avenue and poshed around in Dior. I tried on the most gorgeous $650 limited edition shades, and even got some pictures before the saleslady clickety clacked her way over to tell us that pictures were strictly forbidden! We apologized profusely and then ran out of the store giggling. After taking in the wonders on 5th Avenue, we went to the Paley Center for Media. It's basically an archive of television and radio programs since the beginning of each medium that you can access and enjoy. First you buy your ticket, then you go to a selection room filled with computers and check their database for something you want to watch. You select your programs and then go to watch them in a viewing room. I watched "Jim Henson's Storyteller's : The Soldier and Death" and an episode of "In Living Color", while Steve enjoyed the painful hilariousness of "Tales from the Crypt" and "Bossom Buddies". Classic. After our hour of rejuvenating television watching, we made our way over to 6th Avenue and wandered around a street fair, ate a crepe, bought some awesome metal art and discount "cashmere" scarves. Next we subwayed it down to SOHO. We got lost on our way to the Puma store and stumbled into many treasures. The first was an Armani underwear model that Steve fondled after conning him into posing for a picture. Next was a street vendor selling what I thought were knock off but turned out to be authentic Puma bags. I bought one for 20 dollars and then hid it in one of Steve's bags so as not to be ashamed of my ghettoness when I arrived at the real Puma store. We found the Puma store, and I got these beautiful shoes! The next few hours were spent strolling around SOHO being snobby and unhelpful to other people. Oh, New York, you feel like home! After SOHO we took a cab ride to Chocolate Moderne, a "high end" chocolate shop. Well...we arrived at the address, and found it to be a nondescript apartment building. We cautiously took the elevator to the 9th floor and found a hallway filled with apartments and a note on the door that said "Chocolate Moderne. If no answer here, please knock on door 905". I tried the door and it was locked. I looked at Steve, and we both came to the consensus of "Hell to the no!" and we bolted. There's no way I'm sneaking around Manhattan for hidden "chocolate" inside the belly of this building with walls so thick that no one could hear me scream. I was unsure if a Wonka-like wonderland lay just beyond the door, or if it was more like some guy selling old Easter candy that he kept in his bathtub. I guess I'll never know. We were starting to get hungry, so we made our way over to Cafeteria and indulged in some good old fashioned comfort food. Steve got their famed mac and cheese, and I got an early taste of Thanksgiving with a turkey, mashed sweet potato, garlic green bean and walnut cranberry sauce plate. Amazing. After dinner we visited a Korean grocery store where I found an economy sized bottle of Sapporo, my favorite Japanese beer, and then stopped quickly at a boulangerie run by authentic Parisians, and drooled over amply stuffed cream puffs and flakier than Jessica Simpson croissants. We cabbed it back to 50th and Broadway, snapped a few shots of Times Square at night and boarded the bus back to the Burg. It really was an incredible day. It felt like we did everything and nothing all at once.

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Steve said...

Remind me to clean the lense of your camera! Fuzzy pictures kill me!