Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Paris, Je t'aime

Last Friday Steve and I ventured to Palmyra to see the opening night of "Paris, Je t'aime". We were the only ones in the theater...surprise surprise. It was a good thing though, because it allowed me to laugh and sob uncontrollably without regret. The movie is comprised of 18 different love stories all filmed in different arrondisements of Paris. It showcased all different types of love and different types of people, including love between a mother and a son, young love, old love, cross cultural and cross religion love, gay love, straight love, and love between a woman and a city. My favorites included the hysterical Tour Eiffel segment that focused on two mimes, and the heart wrenching Fauberg Saint Dennis clip about a young actress that breaks up with her blind boyfriend over the phone and his fast forwarded account of their love. The movie has been released for several months, but it only just now made it to the wonder that is Central PA. The DVD is coming out soon, and I intend on buying it and watching it repeatedly in anticipation of my upcoming trip to Europe.

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