Monday, October 8, 2007

Haunted Gettysburg

Saturday Laura, Michelle, David and myself took a trip to explore Haunted Gettysburg. We were a good mix of believers and skeptics, but started out the night with open minds. We got to Gettysburg a little before 6 pm and wasted time antiquing before our table was ready at The Pub. We had a great dinner accompanied by spirits (a.k.a. booze) and then carefully walked down Baltimore Street to begin our Ghosts of Gettysburg tour. We waited for the 8:00 tour along with a horde of other thrill seekers. I breathed a sigh of relief when I realized that we were going to be broken up into four smaller, more intimate groups. My relief then subsided when I realized that our tour guide was about as enthusiastic as Squidward Tentacles. Irregardless of our tour guide's story telling abilities and chutzpa (or lack thereof), the tour was very enjoyable. We visited a courthouse that acted as a makeshift hospital during the battle, and saw so many amputations that holes had to be drilled in the floor to release the blood. Next we visited a school house across the street from a prison, both of which held spirits (of the ghost variety, not the aforementioned booze variety). From there we went on to a haunted house dubbed the Twin Sycamores because of the two hulking trees that flanked the front of the house. Only one of the trees still remains to this day. The Twin Sycamores was said to hold a benign child ghost who partook of many hijinks, including organizing toy soldiers into battle formations. At the end of the tour we gathered ourselves together and walked back towards the car. David wanted to see the battlefield because a helpful lady in the antique store said it was "spectacular at night!". We drove around for about 20 minutes wondering how it was possible that we were unable to find a huge battlefield where thousands of people fought and died. David drove down time warped roads that led us nowhere while the rest of us incessantly joked about haunted gas stations, haunted butternut squashes, and haunted flag poles. After a while we decided to give up the ghost (har har) and go home. It wasn't until the next day that I looked at my pictures and saw what appear to be ghosts in almost every one! Some skeptics might call them "water spots", but I'm not the only one to have pictures with them in it. Take a look, and then you decide.


Patty said...

I lightened up this photo and I do see a lot of orbs in it. Depending on the light setting I can fix it so that one bright orb shows. I would vote there probably is some activity that you captured on this trip.
(PS I found you while searching for ghost in Gettysburg)

phillyreconstructed said...

I took a bunch of pictures that night while I was on Mark Nesbitt's "Ghosts of Gettysburg" walking tour. If you want to check them out, you can do that here:

Again, I didn't lighten them because I didn't want anyone to think I enhanced the pictures.